Legal Scales Of Justie Lawyer

At A.W.Erskine & Co. we believe that every person deserves to be fully informed and properly represented legally, despite any financial obstacles.

We offer a completely Free Consultation to talk you through how we can assist with

your case and what the relevant fees and timescales associated with it may be,









My name is Andy Erskine and I have studied Law for the last 7 years.

Upon undertaking my law degree I was struck with how unnecessarily ambiguous most legal documents were.

The law is supposed to be a tool available for everybody to achieve a fair trial, however, due to the complexity of most legal documents it has become almost impossible for those untrained in Law to understand it, let alone attempt to represent themselves.


I decided to start a McKenzie-based Law Support company in an attempt to bridge the gap between those untrained and solicitors/lawyers charging vast fees for their advice and support.

At A.W.Erskine & Co. we offer affordable support through various Legal Cases. We offer a one off flat-fee that covers the entirety of the case regardless of timescales. This means that you are paying for the outcome rather than the process.

Unfortunately, we do not offer Legal Aid, However, our flat-fee prices are on average up to 70% cheaper than local solicitors.

We offer money-back caveats for certain cases, please enquire within.


I do truly believe that everybody has the right to a fair trial and with our support and knowledge we believe we can offer you the chance at a fair trial without paying the vast lawyers' fees.

We are based in Cheltenham but have the ability to assist with cases further afield.

Legal Scales Of Justie Lawyer